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The low down on our food

It started with a simple idea – good fast food

The food you’ll find at Jamie Oliver’s Diner is the food you want to eat – centred around Jamie’s love of classic American comfort food. He wanted to look past the junk food and super-sized portions that people typically associate with American food, and bring the incredible flavours we know and love to the streets of Rotterdam, with nutrition kept in check and some classic Jamie twists

Everything on the menu has been nutritionally analysed so you know exactly what you’re going to get (look out for the little horns and halo symbols) – whether you’re craving a naughty burger with a side of fries or a hearty salad that’s full of good stuff. We know that it’s all about choice and balance, and trust us when we tell you there’s plenty of choice on our menu.

Whatever you do choose, we’ve made sure that it’s the best quality. You won’t find anything in our food that shouldn’t be there. We only buy fresh, sustainably sourced ingredients – think free-range chicken and eggs, higher-welfare pork and beef that’ll always be Dutch and local-as-possible fruit and veg. We hope you love it!