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Nutritional Information

We’ve been busy creating delicious new dishes for our 2017 summer menus. We’ve made sure that at least 30% of every section on our main menu is made up of fantastic healthy options for you to choose from.

To help you make an informed decision, we have added halos and horns to our menu. Our halo dishes are good as gold – we’ve packed these dishes full of delicious, nutritious ingredients, especially in the Super Food section of the menu. All halo dishes contain less than 35% of an adult’s Reference Intake for calories and saturated fat and less than 25% RI for salt.

Of course, we know that everyone likes to indulge a little every now and then for a special occasion, so there are still some dishes on the menu that should be considered a treat. Dishes with horns are our little devils. They might not win any prizes in the nutrition department, but whatever the dish, we are always committed to nutrition. We do lots of of work behind the scenes, giving our staff nutrition training and carrying out regular, random tests on our meals to make sure that our nutritional information is consistently correct. It’s important to us that all the dishes served in every one of our restaurants is in-line with our high nutritional standards.

We’ve also been working really hard on creating our amazing kids’ menu for your little ones to enjoy. Every meal is nutritionally balanced, containing all the food groups that growing children need. All meals meet our healthy eating targets for children and contain at least two portions of a child’s recommended five portions of fruit and veg a day.

We have also introduced our own levy on sugar-sweetened soft drinks. We are not completely anti-sugar – we believe that the occasional sugar-sweetened soft drink or dessert on special occasions can have a place in a balanced diet. However, we hope that the levy will raise awareness that sugary soft drinks shouldn’t be relied upon as our main source of hydration. These drinks are the single largest source of sugar in children’s diets in the UK therefore, we have added 10p to the price of all soft drinks containing added sugar. The money raised will be spent on vital children’s food education in the UK. For more information visit childrenshealthfund.org.uk.

Whatever you choose to eat at Jamie Oliver’s Diner, a balanced diet and regular exercise is still the key to a healthy lifestyle.

Prices and provenance may vary so please check the menu at your local Jamie Oliver’s Diner for exact details.